Master end-to-end QoE

Know at all times (7d/7, 24h/24) what the complete user perception will be.

Highlight your offers

Justify prices regarding the given service’s excellence and certify your availability rate.

Analyze incidents

Localize and time-stamp the incidentsto accelerate their resolution.


Monitor your activity

In order to be able to manage it in total serenity thanks to revelant management indicators.

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  • Customer Satisfaction

    We devote a close attention to answer as best we can to our customers’ expectations and to anticipate them at all levels: conception, presales, project management, maintenance …

  • Technological Innovation

    QualiStream, created by 3 engineer has a strong impact: innovation is the driving force of the company. We want to create distinguished, revolutionary, original solutions to make the everyday life of the connected uses’ actors evolve.

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    Value creation

    For our teams, a solution can only make sense in the added value it brings to our ecosystem. Global value creation is accentuated: solution, technology, customer, partner…

  • Human’s respect

    We believe that every man and woman has an important potential. The respect and blossoming of this potential are at the heart of our management style and of our relations with our spokespersons. An earth shattering project can be born from anyone’s energy.

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